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Automechanic Philippines 2018
Nov 11, 2017

Exhibition time: 2018.8.16---2018.8.20

Exhibition venue:SMX Exhibition and Convention Center

Exhibition cycle: Once a year

Automechanic Philippines, a mega show of automobile first time of its own in Philippines. It is an excellent platform for you to generate good business fortunes, unparallel exposure to automobile fraternity, cross-fertilization of ideas an opportunity to present your proposition to consumers.


Favourable factors for the development of the Philippine market:

Market development potential: Philippines has a population of 100 million, with rapid population growth and a large potential consumer market. The geographical location is superior, the transportation cost and time benefit of bilateral transactions are competitive.

Mineral wealth: The investment prospects are prosperous.

Sufficient labour resources: local labour and land supply are abundant, and prices are relatively low compared to our country. Because of the popularity of education, the English - speaking countries, skilled workers are more easily trained.

Regional free trade agreement: Philippines, one of the member States of ASEAN, can use the Philippines to enter the ASEAN and international markets, and the COMESA common tariff has been reduced to 0 - 5 per cent year by year.

Gradual improvement in infrastructure: Attracting many domestic and foreign enterprises to participate in public works investment. Construction and operation, the construction of hardware gradually improved.

Sustained economic and trade policy reform: Philippine economic reform continues to promote, management projects have been opened, market economy system gradually free.

Investment incentives: high-tech industries enjoy 6 years of business tax exemptions, non - high-tech industries for 4 years, import raw materials and semi-finished products tax concessions.


Scope of exhibits:

Automobile category: automobile accessories, air conditioning, car audio, anti-theft, electronic equipment, battery, chassis, clutch, cooler, transmission and transmission, metal components, heavy vehicles and accessories, lifting equipment, service equipment, tools and equipment, etc.

Motorcycles: various gasoline motorcycles, electric vehicles, ATV, various vehicle tools, electronic machinery system, safety system, maintenance products, various components and components, engine, wheel, shaft, wheel tires, battery power, fuel, etc.

Electric vehicle: all kinds of electric bicycles, electric tricycle, electric motorcycle, electric vehicle, bicycle, etc.; All kinds of special electric vehicle, battery car, etc; Electric vehicle parts, materials, pipes and related accessories, tools, etc.; Electric vehicle battery maintenance, maintenance tools and equipment, electric vehicle anti-theft lock, alarm equipment, etc.; Electric vehicle manufacturing process, various electric vehicle machinery processing, assembly line, testing equipment and other supporting equipment and production equipment, etc.


Mac is actively preparing our company's products, hoping to participate in this exhibition next year, and show our products to guests and friends at home and from abroad. Through this exhibition, we hope to build up the equality, multiple and benign interactive mechanism with consumers and and listen to the heartfelt wishes of consumers. At the same time, we will also be more confident to create another unexpected surprise for the consumer.Our company takes charge of have welcome everywhere new-old friends presence inspection, the instruction, the discussion, the cooperation, to advance together hand in hand.

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