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Appearance requirements of electric motorcycles and its assembly requirements for transmission mechanisms
May 25, 2018

Qualified electric motorcycle not only have good performance, but also their own appearance also meet relevant standards. So for a qualified electric motorcycle , what are the basic requirements for its appearance? Firstly,the appearance of the electric motorcycle should be kept clean and tidy, and all parts should be intact without defects, and the joints should be firmly connected.

Secondly,the covers of electric motorcycles should keep the joints flat and evenly spaced, and no obvious misalignment can.And the coating surface remains smooth, flat, uniform color, and a solid bond and the exposed surface should not have obvious pits, spots, noise, cracks, bubbles, scratches, flow marks.Non-exposed surfaces should not have exposed or obvious flow marks or cracks.At the same time, the color of the coating surface should be uniform and there should be no blackening, bubbling, peeling, rusting, exposed bottom, burrs or scratches.

Moreover,The plastic parts of electric motorcycles also should maintain a good appearance, the main requirements are: uniform surface color, no obvious scratches, flash, uneven.Welds are kept flat and uniform, with no problems such as missing welds, imaginary welds, slag inclusions, cracks, pores, and spatter.If there is a welding or welding slag over the surface, it must be flattened.

At the same time, paying attention to the appearance of the electric motorcycle seat, it should be full, clear seams, smooth surface, no wrinkles, fade, damage.The applique should be smooth, free of bubbles, curls or obvious misalignment.

At the same time, the transmission mechanism also plays an important role in its operation, so the assembly requirements for its transmission mechanism are also relatively strict.First of all, the motor installation should be firm and reliable to work properly, and there should be no abnormal sound, jitter when operating.

In the chain transmission mechanism of electric motorcycle, its transmission chain should be able to operate flexibly without abnormal noise.And the transmission belt with transmission mechanism should be able to operate flexibly, without any stagnation or slippage.At the same time, the transmission shaft of the electric motorcycle shaft transmission mechanism should be able to operate flexibly without any abnormal noise.

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