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Analysis on the selling Point of simple Electric vehicle
Jan 15, 2018

Simple electric vehicle also has its own unique advantages, next we mainly analyze about its craft selling point, hope to be able to deepen understanding.

First. The handlebars of simple electric vehicles are usually made of aluminum alloy or atomized handlebars, so that they can be used for a long time without rusting.

Secondly, simple electric vehicle brake system is also very powerful, not only to meet the sensitive requirements, and no noise, the brake is light and powerful, safe and more secure. The quality requirements of some small parts are also very strict. For example, screws are not easy to rust, high strength is not easy to break, not easy to loose.

Third, plastic parts are also an important part of the vehicle. At present, it is mainly made of ABS engineering plastics, with strong toughness. Impact-resistant features. At the same time, the simple electric vehicle frame also has a strong weighing ability. The user in the riding process will not feel the shaking of the car. Even if used for a long time, it can still ensure that the frame is strong and good.

Fourth, one of the important components of the simple electric vehicle is controller, the quality of the controller is quite stable with long service life. Motor is also in accordance with high quality requirements, with high utilization efficiency, strong power, long distance. As a result, we can feel that the power of simple electric vehicles is becoming more and more powerful, and the mileage is getting farther and further.

Fifth, the painting process of the vehicle is also very sophisticated. Generally, it uses metal bicomponent baking lacquer. With the color gorgeous, the lasting does not change the color characteristic.

In addition, simple electric vehicle wheel dice configuration standards are also increasingly strict, commonly used with vehicles with the same grade of aluminum or magnesium alloy wheel rolls, thus ensuring the durability of simple electric vehicles.

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