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Analysis of the Style Function of electric vehicle
Jan 12, 2018

According to the current situation , the driving mode of electric vehicle can be divided into three types , namely , the first type belongs to the wheel hub type drive and is also one of the most widely used in the current application , the other is the middle type driving , and the suspension type driving is also a type of drive . In the wheel hub driving , the rear wheel is better driven and the front wheel drive performance is relatively poor . In addition to the shape design , the battery ' s placement is different in different electric vehicles . In conjunction with the ride balance and the convenience of getting off and off , it is common to place the battery in the frame chute or the riser position . In order to meet the needs of different users , the electric vehicle in the present market can mainly be divided into three types according to the functional style of the electric vehicle .

The first is the standard type , usually , this type of electric vehicle electric motor power is set to 150 watts , the main characteristic is that the shape is simple and smooth , the renewal mileage is between 40 and 50 kilometers . The whole is flexible , the control is simple , the good price , mostly between 2000 and 2600 yuan , is especially suitable for use as commuting .

The second is the multi - function type , in contrast , this type of electric vehicle actually increases the front fork shockproof , saddle shock absorbing , headlight , electric horn and so on. On the basis of standard type , the main characteristic is that the function is more , the riding is more comfortable , the use at night is also convenient , the price is about 2500 to 3000 yuan .

The last is the luxury of what we often say , the main feature of this type of electric vehicle is a new type of luxury with a more powerful function . It will also add a dashboard to the handlebar to show speed , mileage , voltage , electricity , etc . Some luxury electric vehicles are also equipped with steering lights , language tips , mirrors , kits , etc . The price is usually between 3000 and 3400 yuan .

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