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Analysis of the product pattern of electric tricycle
Mar 14, 2018

Same as the ordinary electric two-wheeled bike, electric tricycle also have different types and styles. From the type, Electric tricycle can be divided into ordinary electric tricycles and special tricycles,  special tricycles including tourism tricycles, handicap tricycles, passenger tricycles, electric garbage trucks, beach tricycles and so on. According to the power, It also can be divided into single battery tricycles and multiple battery tricycles.

From the style, electric tricycles can be divided into the following three types:

The first is the standard type. The main feature of this type is the simple and smooth design, the driving range is around 40km to 50km , easy to operate, affordable, sale price from RMB2500 to RMB3000.It is more suitable for the user whose  work and life has the certain mobility.

The second is the multi-functional type.This type is usually based on the standard type and added some elements, such as the front fork suspension, saddle suspension, headlamp, electric horn, etc. The main features are more functions, more comfortable when riding, convenient when night use, the price is slightly higher than the ordinary car.

The third is the luxury type.From the type design, The main features of this type that design is newer and luxurious, the function is more complete, usually adds the dashboard on the handlebar, displays the speed, the mileage, the voltage, the electricity and so on. Some luxury type even have turn lights, language tips, rearview mirrors, toolbox, safety nets and so on.

The domestic electric tricycle industry also gradually develops toward the increasingly mature and complete direction. At the same time, with the training of design talents, the gradual upgrading of technical capabilities, as well as the continuous development of new products and many other factors, making electric tricycle industry more and more powerful in innovation.

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