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Analysis of the overall performance of Heavy-loaded E-Vehicles
Apr 23, 2018

Compared to common E-Vehicles,Heavy-loaded E-Vehicles have higher requirements in Load and power,so same as technology and configuration.Firstly,The motor of Heavy-loaded E-Vehicles must meet relevant requirements.The battery of Heavy-loaded E-vehicles also need to meet corresponding requirements.

Secondly,The controller of heavy-loaded E-vehicles must meet relevant requirements.Normally,the controller should have brake electrical interlocking function to prevent the vehicle from being driven accidentally .Moreover,when operating accelerators and braking devices, there should be no other response reaction.For example,operating braking device without loosing accelerator,and then loosing braking device, the vehicles should not speed up.In addition, the Vehicles  also should have a constant speed device. No matter what kind of constant speed controller used, when any one of the front or rear wheels braked, the constant speed device should immediately fail and the motor no longer outputs power.

In addition to the above basic requirements mentioned, the heavy-loaded E-vehicles also need to meet the requirements for traditional normal motorcycle such as lighting, braking and so on. The accessory requirements for the vehicle are: 1. The color of the power indicator light should be green; 2. Battery residual energy indicator

Normally,the performance requirements of heavy-loaded E-vehicle including:its maximum speed, gradeability, acceleration performance, energy consumption, driving range, rated output power of the motor, etc. shall meet the requirements of the product standard. In addition, the reliability of the vehicle also should meet the standards regulation.

In addition, the insulation performance requirements of the heavy-loaded E-vehicle also must meet the relevant requirements.The assemble requirements of heavy-loaded E-vehicles braking device mainly are:1,Braking handle or brake pedal should achieve maximum braking efficiency within 3/4 of full stroke, pedal force not more than 400 N, holding force not more than 250 N;When stopping the application of force, the braking force should disappear;2,No self-braking during driving.

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