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Analysis of Several Common Faults in Electric Motorcycles
Nov 30, 2018

When using an electric motorcycle, if the whole vehicle is found to be out of power, battery terminal voltage with a multimeter, if there is voltage output, it is normal. If there is no voltage output, the fuse is broken or the battery is broken, or the plug is lose. 2. The wiring plug is loose, check the power switch cable connector; 3. The power switch is broken. Use a multimeter to measure the voltage at both ends of the power switch input and output lines. If there is normal voltage output, the power switch is normal. If there is no voltage output, the power switch is out of work (when the battery has voltage output). You can repair it or change it.

When charging an electric motorcycle, if it is found that the charger cannot be charged normally,  the charger fuse may be burnt out. At this time, the indicator lights of the charger are not lit, and the fuse needs to be replaced. It may also because the battery fuse is blown and the battery fuse need to be replaced. Or the charger is broken, the charger fuse is normal under this circumstance, and the charger output voltage is zero when measuring by multimeter.

If you find that the headlights of the electric motorcycle are not bright, the measures to be taken are: if the bulb is burnt out, replace the bulb; the lamp holder is not in good contact or the solder joints are off; if the seat switch is broken, use the multimeter to measure the whether the switch has an output voltage in headlight, if there is voltage output, it is normal. If there is no voltage output, replace the electric switch.

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