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A few points of attention when choosing electric motorbikes
Sep 14, 2017

We actually when choosing electric motorcycle can invite professional personage to choose with us, but sometimes there is no talent in this field we're on your own, so there is a corresponding method to choose.

We can rely on these five points for judging and choosing electric scooters:

1, listen to the

Said to listen to it must be the voice of the electric motorcycle, mostly listen to the voice of the wheel rotation, there will be no other noise is about the same, whether the additional motor opens and trumpet sound is very loud, and so on, these are for us to hear

2, see

It is mainly from the appearance of electric motorcycle, which is where we can see it, mainly to see whether there are any obvious technical problems, friction marks, etc

3, touch

Touch is touched, through our own hands to touch its related components, whether its surface is very smooth, and then the motor in operation how long does it get hot, also is the tyres, mainly in the car when you can use a flat hand pinch the tire of it, to see if elastic

4, try

In fact, this step is very important. Only if you try it in person can you find out more about the problems you can't find by looking, listening and touching. It's a good idea to have a try, but it's better to see the car before you buy it


Mainly is to check the electric motorcycle related documents, then can also see how the company or factory (these can be in before the check), then the most important thing is to after sales related

So when we buy our own electric scooters, we're not going to have a lot of problems on the basis of these five points, but it's better to ask the professionals to do better and see more of them.

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