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A detailed breakdown of electric tricycles
Sep 14, 2017

We will choose electric tricycles according to our needs. Because the electric tricycle is not just one product, it has a lot of classifications, and it may be up to you to think about it.

Then, the detailed classification of electric tricycles is analyzed. There are three main types:

1. Household electric tricycle

2. Cargo type electric tricycle

There are two types of wheeled electric tricycles:

Cargo electric tricycle motorcycle type, when it comes to this kind of car, in fact both appearance and configuration and motorized tricycles some like, of course, is different from the above type of household electric tricycle, motor and belt of shaft, the standard machine is more than 500 w, usually at around 600 kg, the loads can speed, fastest speed relative to the motor tricycle is a bit slow on the road, but also can reach 35 miles per hour or so;

Other is a type of motor freight electric tricycle, mostly for this car is modified by the motor tricycle, the car can be equipped with four to five pieces of 120 ah large capacity battery and more than 900 w dc motor, so it's load usually in more than a ton, of course also can speed.

In medium and, of course, a motor, a shaft and is, of course for the stability with large axial stability than without a lot of, so the price of this car is relatively high some, it is in the rear motor drive after two rounds at the same time.

3. Factory electric tricycle

The factory type electric tricycle, due to its special use environment, the configuration of its standard is to be resistant to dust, high temperature, shock and so on. In addition, in this case, the requirements of the frame are also very high, the thickness of the normal frame should be in

More than 2.5 mm, and its welding process requirement is very high, the welding is generally used in plasma welding, so the welding features are: high density, the weld tensile strength big, not easy to break, and also can adapt to the operation of the plant ring in many aspects

Related requirements of the environment.

Then there are some classifications and applications of tricycles of factory electric vehicles, mainly including the following

A brick car: usually used in a brick factory

Electric kiln car: it can be used in brick factory, kiln factory, refractory factory, ceramics factory, roasting factory etc

Electric transporter: usually applied to engineering, tunnel, sanitation, etc

Electric dump trucks (suitable for short distance transportation) : generally used in flour mill, mineral processing plant, chemical plant, furnace factory, poultry farm, wholesale department, urban and rural household, rental and so on

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