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Heavy Cargo Disc Brake Electric Bicycle

Heavy Cargo Disc Brake Electric Bicycle

This Heavy Cargo Disc Brake Electric Bicycle is a kind of Electric Bicycle for carry heavy cargo with a maximum playload capacity of 500kg. It can run up to 80km per charging at a top speed of 50km/h.

Heavy Cargo Disc Brake Electric Bicycle

This Heavy Cargo Disc Brake Electric Bicycle is a kind of Electric Bicycle for carry heavy cargo with a maximum playload capacity of 500kg. It can run up to 80km per charging at a top speed of 50km/h.


1) Large front storage basket, to store daily necessities, convenient and practical

2) Soft and comfortable high-quality cushion, reduce long-term riding fatigue

3) 2 Strong fold down side racks ,act as foot rest for rear passenger 

4) Large rear cargo platform, can carry both people and cargo

5) High-end LCD screen, display electricity power and speed

6) Super bright LED headlamp, strong penetration, ensures the safe driving at night

7) Large front paltfrom, can carry cargo

8) Front hydraulic drum brakes,rear disk  brakes regenerative

9) Two rear suspension strong spring-type shock absorption, super load capacity, riding a more stable



10-inch 72V1200W electric motor

Motor Controllers

72V sin controller

Max Torque

70 Nm

Standard Battery Pack

72V 30A-h sealed lead-acid 267mm×77mm×170mm

Power System Protection

Over-current protection, under-voltage protection

Standard SLA Charger

Outboard, 60V 3A Automatic Charger, 220VAC input ~7.5-hour charge time

12V Subsystem Converter

DC/DC 72V<12V 10A (powers all lighting and accessory outlet)

12V Outlet

standard automotive lighter socket

USB Charging Port

Mechanical Brakes

Front hydraulic drum brakes,rear disk  brakes regenerative, acting on rear wheel (via hub motor), triggered by front or rear brake actuation

Front Suspension

With hydraulic hose front damping

Rear Suspension

2 spring shock absorption

Front Wheel

2.15×10" Aluminum wheel

Front Tire

3.0-10 vacuum tire

Rear Wheel

2.15×10 steel rim with integral motor, alloy side plates

Rear Tire

3.0-10 vacuum tire


Motorcycle-grade high-hardness iron frame



Double pedals


single seat


LCD Speedometer/Odometer, Volt Gauge, Turn Signal/High Beam Indicators

Safety Equipment

1. Double rear-view mirror,

2. High / low beam automotive grade dual LED headlamps, front and rear turn signal, rear position lamp / rear position lamp


Dual remote control, a power start, the motor lock, night car search function

Range (SLA Battery Pack)

up to 80km

Top Speed


Weight (Without Battery Pack)


SLA Battery Pack Weight




Overall Length


Maximum Payload Capacity, Including Rider(s)


Optional Accessories

Alarm with 150m range transmitter, Chain lock, Goggles, Hand warmers,

Helmet, Wheel lock


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